Variations: Sigbin
In the Philippines there is a vampiric creature whose description varies from case to case, but generally it is a large, dark-colored, hornless, smelly goat called a segben. During the day, it is invisible.
The segben attacks its prey only at night. Although it can kill a person simply by looking at him or by biting his shadow, its mere presence will drain off the life of a dying person, consuming it for its own (see ENERGY VAMPIRE). Any child that falls prey to the segben will have its heart made into a magical amulet. It usually does not eat the flesh and blood of those it kills; it prefers to gorge itself on charcoal, corpses, and pumpkins. If seen while in its goat form, it will only be pretending to eat grass.
The segben uses its supernatural speed to prevent capture, but it has a number of forms that it can shape-shift into: a frog with extraordinarily long legs, a goat with exceptionally floppy ears whose hips are higher than its shoulders, and a locust. In all of its forms, it has a horrible smell.
The smell and sight of thick smoke is enoughto keep a segben away, as will the scent of spices and the clang of knives.
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Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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